Sunday, 27 February 2011

Lovin ArtsyCrafts and Tim Holtz

Got back from a great weekend away yesterday lunchtime and it's been non stop since then.
Should have booked today off work to recover but didn't think of that before hand. Here's a couple of pix of my creations while I was away.

This is the beautiful house we created in Lin and Leandra's class. I learned so much in this class - can't wait for their new paints to be released.

Then we went to Tim's class where we created this:

It's not finished yet I've a few things to add - a couple boxes left to fill as well as the feet to place on the bottom. Here's the stash I bought - I'm sure I'll find something in here to fill it!

Last night I spent some time playing with my new toy... The Vagabond.

OMG it's brilliant! Cuts through everything with ease. Can't wait to show you what I create from it.

Off to play with my Tim Holtz TSV now, the first time for me with alcohol inks!

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