Sunday, 30 January 2011

My ToDo list

Starting my to do list today. I've already filled 2 pages just with my scrapbooking to do list. Next is the house jobs to do (this one will probably really short as housework isn't always a priority) and future plans for the house. I also need to make a list of birthdays that are coming up so i can make a list of cards to make as I want to make everyone a birthday card this year.

Now that i'm starting to feel organised i'm looking forward to getting some of my scrapbooking kits finished off. I've got a mini book from our holiday to Devon Cliffs, a few layouts from crops I've been to and some presents to sort out for birthdays.

Friday, 28 January 2011

Friday5 - 28/1/11

1. This is the first of a new regular feature called Five on Friday

2. It will probably be mostly about my crafting but I may include some random family facts

3. It's 4 weeks until I attend ArtsyCrafts with the one and only Tim Holtz

4. I'm finally starting to get excited about that.

5. It's now 1:30am so i'm going to sleep. Night night.

Monday, 24 January 2011

Art Journalling again

I did a little Art Journalling again tonight while watching the the UK version of the Biggest Loser and Glee. While not much crafting was done (waiting for paint and ink to dry) I noticed quite a few differences between the UK and US versions of the biggest loser. Is the UK on such a tight budget that they can't afford to pay Davina to attend the challenges and temptations? Now that it's on prime time in the UK it doesn't seem to have changed much from the daytime show. And why is there no big life changing prize money - £25,000 isn't going to buy you a flat in most areas. Even Australia got some Bob and Gillian!

Answers on a postcard... if you can find one.

Saturday, 22 January 2011

What happened to the Wellness course?

Help! I've got so side tracked with work, life and craft the I've completely forgotten about the Wellness course I singed up to! This year I am determined that I'm going to do something about my weight so today I rejoined Weight Watchers to get this weight off.

This propoints system is going to take a while to get used to as almost everything has changed points.


Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Quick crafting day

Had a busy day today with relatives from Carmarthen visiting to pick some baby clothes. But first i needed to make a quick birthday card - this is made easier to do as I keep all my card scraps in clear bags so I can find exactly what I need.

As I was doing a male birthday card I pulled out all my left over blues, greens and browns and found some snippets of cards that matched.

I ended up using some browns and greens to make a 30th birthday card in about 15 mins.

And tonight I finished my Art Journal pages

Monday, 17 January 2011

Home Organisation finally finished

I managed to finished my home organisation mini books tonight. Have I said how much I love the House of 3 stuff?7

The books I finished tonight were the ToDo book and the home organisation booklet. The To Do book was really easy to make; I resized the black and white image so I could fit 3 onto 1 sheet of A4 and then printed out about 10 copies, trimmed them down and bound them with the bind-it-all.

The home organisation book was just as easy to create. I used most of the other colour pages (e.g. Renew, Refocus, Reorganise, It's Time and Restyle) and printed them out A5 size. For the cover I used the image with the large 2011 and used the Ready image as the back cover.

I also added some of the freebies from the last two web shows just to jazz up the pages and and detail to some plain white sheets.

Off now to watch the end of the Britney Spears Glee episode as it was finally broadcast in Wales tonight. Yippee!

Sunday, 16 January 2011

How to make your own journal using a Bind-it-All

I bought a Bind-it-All before Christmas and finally got to use it this weekend. A had wanted a journal to take to work and rather than going out and buying one I said I would make one for him.

Thinking it would be really difficult I set about planning the book. I decided to use lots of different types of paper as A wanted to draw and write in his book. I used some plain printer paper, some graph paper and some square paper - wanted to use some lined paper as well but I couldn't find any of that at the time. The size I decided would be A6 as everything was in A4 sheets so this would be easy to cut into quarters.

So, here's my step by step guide how to make your own mini book

First of all find 2 or 3 pieces of card and cut to size. I did 2 A6 size and 1 slightly smaller (about an inch narrower.

Cover these with your favourite paper or card - I used DCWV Rock Star papers which were distress with vintage photo distress ink and then sprayed with a home made silver spray. The embellishments are also from the DCWV Rock Star Range.

Then cut all your pages into the size you need for your project - I made mine A6 "ish". Not every page was the same size and this doesn't bother me.

Arrange the pages in the order you want them to go and bind them with the bind it all following the instructions in the videos here

Simple as that. Really easy and of you don't have a Bind-it-All why not use book rings.


Art Journalling Sneaks

Tonight I've managed to do a bit of Art Journalling in bed while catching up on Tuesday's Biggest Loser. I've been working on 2 pages neither of them are finished yet but here's a couple of sneaks:

The words are all from the 21 day challenge kit from the house of 3 website. The writing with the white background had been distressed with the vintage photo distress ink pad. The backgrounds are hand drawn with a sharpie and coloured with watercolour pencils and a water brush.

It was so relaxing so hoping to do more of this over the next few evenings.

Thursday, 13 January 2011

Blog Inspiration from Kelly Rae Roberts

I follow loads of blogs, I love nothing better that to sit down with a cup of coffee/glass of wine (depending on time of day) and read blogs.  This morning Kelly Rae Roberts's blog post - the secret ingredient is you - got me so inspired to just be myself on this blog, to just write what I feel, and not try and be something that I think everyone else wants me to be.

Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Home Organisation - How I made my own Food Planner

Finished my first mini-book from the REmarkable 2011 kit at the House of 3.  It's a food planner for me to plan weekly menus and also keep a shopping list on the same page:

The kit gives the page in blue and black and white with a  menu planner on the left hand side of page and a space for you shopping list on the other side. Such a brilliant idea, I love it.  I printed out the colour one for the cover and then the inside pages I printed the back and white ones.

Love the fact that I have a perforator so I went down every page with it so I could easily tear off the shopping lists.

Want to make your own?
This book was really easy to do.  To make your own all you need is this kit from the House of 3, some white paper, chipboard, a perforator and a Bind-it-All (or book rings/ribbon/twine).

  1. To start off with I resized the black and white image from the kit to fit A5 so I could print 2 pages per sheet of A4 but you can make you book any size. I then printed 26 sheets (so I had 52 pages for my book) and cut them in half.
  2. I then resized the colour version to A5 and printed the colour version onto another sheet of A4 paper and cut this in half.
  3. Then, with a craft mat underneath I used my perforator and went down the dividing line on each page.  As I did it free hand all the lines are squint and uneven but that doesn't matter as it adds character to the book.
  4. Next, you need to cut a piece of chipboard to A5 
  5. Now you have everything together you need to cut holes in every sheet either using a Bind-it-All or a hole punch like the Crop-o-dile.
  6. Finally bing them all together using your own way, I used my Bind -it all.

Thursday, 6 January 2011

REnew Home Organisation

I have loved the House of 3 products for a long time and this morning I watched their live Wednesday night show this morning (don't watch it live as it is broadcast at 2am and I'm fast asleep in bed). Loved their home organisation stuff last year and this year's is even better. After regretting not buying last year's
Simply Amazing Kit I jumped at buying this year's digit kit - the REmarkable 2010.

The kit has loads in it coloured 8by6 , the same pix in black and White, all the words as individual images and Photoshop brushes so you can do your own thing. I'm planning to make a Food Planner, To Do list book and Organiser Mini-Book.

Tuesday, 4 January 2011


Day one of the wellness class that I've signed up to with Big Picture Classes. This year I want to start looking after myself more, concentrating on getting fitter. So task 1 is listing 10 things you body can do. Here's my list: I can play with my children I can teach swimming and pass my teaching exams I can swim for about 1 hour at a time I can go for a walk to the park with the kids I can create really nice cards I can cross stitch and knit I can cook really nice meals - Lasagne, Spag Bol, chilli, chicken dinner, cooked breakfast I can listen to my husband when he's had a long day at the office I can

Monday, 3 January 2011

Move More Eat Less - January 2011

New year new start... again! Pick any new year calendar, financial, school year and we all make resolutions to change.  Having had loads of inspiration from following Cathy Zielske and Ali Edwards blogs this year I have decided that this year I'm planning to look at eating less later in the year for the first couple of weeks I'm going to concentrate on moving more while following the Wellness class at Big Picture Classes.

So this is my promise to myself to make time to exercise, yes to look after myself and do something that I enjoy, because although I don't do enough of it I really enjoy exercising and the feeling it gives me afterwards. My plan is to use my wii games Biggest Loser and Jillian Michael's Fitness Ultimatum and use some of the exercise channels on Sky to improve fitness and flexibility and a general all round feeling of wellness.

Sunday, 2 January 2011

One Little Word - Believe

Taking inspiration from Ali Edwards' One Little Word I have decided that for 2011 my OLW is believe. My plan is to believe in myself, to believe I can do anything and achieve all that I want to achieve. I have loads of plans for 2011 which include setting up an online business with crafting to go with my teaching swimming. Hopefully I can then leave the call centre.

Saturday, 1 January 2011

purplecrafter - the start of something new

I love making things, I love paper and glue and ink and paint and just generally getting messy!  Follow me to see how I make what I make, who's my inspiration and what they're doing at the moment.


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