Friday, 18 February 2011

Friday5 - 18/02/11

1. It's 7 days until Tim Holtz. OMG I'm so nervous. So nervous! I'll probably just sit in the corner and not say anything to anyone!

2. Fed up today. One of my many jobs is in a sky call centre upgrading existing customers. I'm fed up of customers upgrading to sky sports just of the cricket. I already know far too much about the cricket world cup! I'll be glad when it's over.

3. Going to Carmarthen on Sunday. Looking forward to catching up with family a looking round some of the craft shops in West Wales.

4. Did I say it was 7 days to Tim Holtz? Before ArtsyCrafts he's doing a TSV on QVC and I was gutted to find out that the TSV is not going to be the Vagabond. We've got to wait even longer for it to be released in the UK - it won't be available til the end of March. When I saw the demo of it at CHA in January last year I knew it was the die cutter of choice but to have to wait 14 months for it I may just go and by a big shot.

5. The TSV looks like it going to be stamps or inks. I'm a bit disappointed with the examples on the QVC website but I'm sure Tim will come up with some great ideas. Can't wait - it should be a good week.


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