Friday, 11 February 2011

Friday5 - 11/2/11

1. It's 14 days to Tim Holtz... OMG 14 days! OMG!

2. Not had much time to craft this week as on Tuesday night I had the opportunity to review Energia the Holiday on Ice show for the South Wales Argus, a local newspaper.

3. The show was fantastic, brilliant, excellent well worth going to see. The ice skaters were all amazing as were the Cardiff Academy of Ice Skating. If you get a chance to see a holiday on ice show you must take it.

4. Even more behind with my crafting today as an accident on the M4 prevented me from coming home while my youngest was in Meithrin (nursery) and I ended up going for a long walk around Spytty Retail Park instead. Had a lovely time looking round the shops as I don't normally get time to do that. Next had some great ideas for my daughter's bedroom as I've promised her a redesign this year.

5. Will post pix of my finished projects either Sunday or Monday as I'm working two jobs tomorrow so won't get time then.

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