Sunday, 10 June 2012

Hand Made Cards

I love to scrapbook but I occasionally make cards for close friends and family when they have birthdays/christmas.  As today is the 10th June it's time for Shimelle's 10 things - a day where bloggers get together and list their own 10 Things on their blogs.  I occasionally take part, here's a link to my other 10 things posts.

Below are 10 cards that i have hand made for people celebrating birthdays and Christmas.

To see more 10 things posts this month go here.


  1. great post~I got some great card ideas!!! Beautifully done:):)

  2. Love the butterflies in the jar! Card making is my favorite craft!

  3. So very pretty! I love the butterfly ones! x

  4. Some lovely cards there, i can never get myself motivated enough to make cards, i really should!

  5. Love the butterflies card, so pretty :)

  6. Lovely cards! My fave is the one with the jar of butterflies! :) Nice idea for a 10 on the 10th post (I might have to work on cards to do the same one month!)

  7. Hiya, what lovely cards. I really love the first one with the jar and butterflies.
    Thank you for your kind comment on my blog.
    I do online classes on Cocoa Daisy and Papermaze sometimes. I have none planned at the mo, so maybe autumn : )
    Have a lovely weekend xxx



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