Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Album Re-organisation

Yesterday was the first day of Shimelle's new class Cover to Cover, an online course designed to help you with album organisation.  I need a lot of help with this as I have postbound 4 albums with layout's in them, S has 2 albums and we also have some Creating Memories albums from when I first got started with scrapbooking.  At the moment I have 1 postbound one for Seren, then there was supposed to be one for Jon and one for Tom but the boys have been put in one together and I have 2 with random layouts in them.  
After reading yesterday's prompt and seeing this post from Leanne today I have decided to re-organize my albums chronologically.  Here's a pic of all my layouts on the bed, ready to organize.  Wish me luck!

Feel free to let me know how you organize your albums, I could do with your help.  Thank You.


  1. good luck reorganising all that. the fun part will be looking at old LOs :)

  2. Good job on starting to reorganize! :)

    Me, I have put all layouts in my albums in the order they've been scrapped. But I'm starting to have doubts - I think maybe Shimelle's system is a "little" smarter... ;)



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