Friday, 11 March 2011

Friday5 - 11/3/11

1. Looking forward to S's class assembly this morning, she's playing a bird and get's to do some ballet in it. She's so excited - we get a daily report on how the dance is progressing.

3. Really enjoying this week. I've managed to be quite organised with everything, work, home and crafting. Even managing to get some of this post written early!

3. That's because atm I'm doing this sitting in a cold car waiting for A and the kids to come out of the Dolman Theatre after seeing Camp Rock.

4. I had some brilliant news this morning, I got a new job Teaching Swimming in Newport.  I'm now going to be working there on a Monday and Tuesday night and Saturday Mornings.

5. Got to write my resignation letter for the call centre can't wait to have my Thursday, Friday and Sundays free.


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