Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Project life: Week two

Here's week two of 2013 and it was a pretty avaage week.  The kids made cakes all by themselves and we got a box set which included the Avengers Assemble DVD.

Andy has decided to start taking a picture on the bridge he crosses every day to work so I've included one this week.  Click here if you want to see more. I can see this becoming a regular feature on the Project life pages as I love all the picture's he's taken so far!

Finally, Jon made a badge in School that said Cynghorydd 3A as he has been chosen to be on the school council by his classmates.  Love the badge!


  1. Love the idea of taking a picture of the same place everyday. Part of the routine and it would be fun to see all the pictures together at the end of the year.

  2. looks great! i am a fan of the smaller photos on paper backgrounds and i love the bridge photo idea. :)



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