Monday, 10 October 2011

The Big Splash 2011 (10 things)

This weekend has been a busy one for us as there's been lots going on in Newport and even better most of it has been free! The staff at the Riverfront Theatre have worked hard bringing a sort of Festival atmosphere to Newport. They've arranged for free live music to be on at the Riverfront cafe, free shows and craft stalls by the Red Wave. There's also been a few live shows, funfair, motorcycle stunts and a climbing wall.

My 10 things post this month is based on all the stuff we've seen and done the weekend:

1. Today, S decided she wanted to go on the climbing wall today. It was run by all the hardworking boys at Duffryn Sports Centre so we paid the £1 entry and off she went. Here she is on the difficult side:
 And then she had a go on the easier side and got a little bit higher.
2. We saw the finished version of this (by Kingway Car Park)
3. Yesterday A and the boys saw the healing of brĂ¢n the blessed
4. and we all witnessed the amazing skills on display outside the Kingsway Car Park
5. we saw the Superdragons in the Kingsway
6. and made some flags and a mask at the Market
7. meet some lovely hearts somehow I managed to follow them round town - there were quite a few street perfomers around on Saturday
8. While I was at a party with the kids on Friday night A saw the opening act - Chris Cross the escapologist
9. There was loads of FREE live music at the Riverfront Cafe.
10. Finally, posing outside the chalk drawing on the Riverfront entrance.  Love it.

It's been a great weekend so thank you everyone at the Riverfront Theatre, looking forward to next years event all ready.

My hubbie has also blogged about the weekend as well, he couldn't do just 1 post he had to do 3 so click here, here and here!  And to see more 10 things posts go to  Happy reading.



  1. How fun that both you and your husband blog. Looks like an incredible weekend. Great photos - you've captured all the fun!



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